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I don't post here anymore. This is just used for spamming roleplays.

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Hi, I'd like to add you - I think I bought your Melody from ShellB. She is perfect and beautiful by the way!
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Oh thank God, thank you for letting me know, it sounds silly but I loved Melody and only sold her because I needed the money for much more important things and I hadn't played with her.

I always planned to buy an MML again in the future, it's good to know she's in a happy home now and not poorly modded and ruined! ^_^

I'm adding you back :)

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Michele sold her to me nude which really bothered me, but she said that she never got her clothes or accessories. Later I found out that she was selling her picnic basket and cloth so I bought them from her, but no dishes came with the picnic basket?!?! and then I asked if by chance she had the hair clip which she did. I was so grateful to get the hair clip!
I never complained about Michele to anyone, because I felt bad, but I bought many dolls from her and they all smelled horribly. I didn't know it was smoke!!!!! The poor doll was so bad she smelled up an entire room, it was really awful. I thought it was just shampoo or something that smelled icky!!!! The smell finally went away but even if it didn't she is one of my favorites and I love her so much!
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I can't believe she said that to you, I sold her to her NRFB! >:\ She must have wanted to keep the clothes (which she could have just SAID).

When I saw her selling the MML and I said "aww, I'm sorry you're not bonding with her!" She'd reply that she wasn't sure of selling her and promptly delete the sales post, only to sell her the next day :\ She must have hoped I wouldn't have piped up about her being mine and everyone would know she got her NRFB.

I will never sell anything to her again that's for sure :\